FOTOBIENNALEN 2018 has ended – thank you very much to all who attended.

FOTOBIENNALEN is the new Danish biennial for photography and lens based media.
Fotobiennalen launched its second edition in late August 2018 with three exhibition openings and an international symposium on “The Post-photographic Image”

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Welcome to FOTOBIENNALEN 2018

FOTOBIENNALEN is Denmark’s new biennial for photography and lens based art.

Initiated in 2016 by Brandts – Museum of Art and Visual Culture (Odense), Fotografisk Center (Copenhagen) and Galleri Image (Aarhus), FOTOBIENNALEN is a national event that embraces the professional photo community in the three biggest cities in Denmark and engages the photo-audience in the entire country.

The theme for FOTOBIENNALEN 2018 is The Post-photographic Image and launched in late August with three exhibition openings and an international symposium presenting some of the worlds’ most prominent researchers and artist, who all work with photography and new media. This year, FOTOBIENNALEN also includes international portfolio reviews – and for the first time they will be available online.

Keith Cottingham Ice Cave Interior, 2006 digitally constructed 3D model Courtesy the artist and Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York
Transition, 2013 © AVPD

Three Exhibitions in Three Cities
+ International Symposium
+ Portfolio Reviews Online

FOTOBIENNALEN 2018, opens at Galleri Image in Aarhus on August 29, followed by the opening at Brandts in Odense on August 30, and the opening at Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen on August 31.

An International Symposium will be hosted by FOTOBIENNALEN in Copenhagen on August 31.

In the month of September FOTOBIENNALEN 2018 is proud to present online portfolio reviews for the first time ever in collaboration with our partner
Portfolio Dialogue.

New Tactics – Moving in a Soft Field

Presenting new works by four contemporary artists, the exhibition explores photographic hybrid forms from a material and virtual perspective.

The exhibition is curated by Danish artist & art writer Kirstine Autzen.

Read more about the exhibition on Galleri Image’s homepage.

Photography to end all photography

This international group exhibition include more than 20 artists, that all examine how the digital transforms our understanding of the photographic image.

The exhibition is curated by the Danish artist Jesper Rasmussen and Anna Krogh.

Read more about the exhibition on Brandt’s homepage.

Thawed Time

Thawed Time is a large scale installation by the Danish artist duo AVPD (Aslak Vibæk & Peter Døssing). They use spatial stagings and experiments to challenge our perception of photography as created with a camera and tied to a surface.

The exhibition is curated by the Director of Fotografisk Center, Kristine Kern.

Read more about the exhibition on Fotografisk Center’s homepage.

The Post-photographic Image

The Fotobiennalen Symposium explores this year’s overarching theme The Post-photograpic Image. Related to the three exhibitions, the symposium presents theoretical and artistic examinations of the photographic media in our digitized contemporary society.

Read more about the Symposium 2018 here.

via Portfolio Dialogue

FOTOBIENNALEN is happy to collaborate with Portfolio Dialogue to give you one month of Portfolio Reviews – online and convenient. A special review board is ready for FOTOBIENNALEN 2018 during September.

Browse the reviewers here.


Easy Transport

FOTOBIENNALEN’s venues are found across Denmark, but being a small country the distances are short.
It is fairly easy to move between the three cities.

By car, you can drive from Aarhus to Odense or Odense to Copenhagen in less than two hours.
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By train, each leg of the journey is a bit faster.
Find your journey through Rejseplanen*

By bus: there are several service providers to choose from.
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Founding Institutions

FOTOBIENNALEN was founded in 2016 by three of the leading institutions for photography and lens based art in Denmark


Wednesday, August 29 – Aarhus
Thursday, August 30 – Odense
Friday, August 31 – Copenhagen

Friday, August 31 – Copenhagen

September 1 – September 30

Events in Danish

Thursday, October 4 – Copenhagen

Wednesday, October 24 – Aarhus

The Fotobiennalen exhibition have their last opening day on the following dates:

Sunday, October 21 – Copenhagen
Sunday, October 28 – Aarhus
Sunday, December 30 – Odense

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