About Fotobiennalen

Fotobiennalen is a Danish national biennial for photography and lens based art. Fotobiennalen was founded in 2016 by three important exhibition spaces for photography in the three major cities of Denmark: Brandts in Odense, Galleri Image in Aarhus, and Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen.
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What we want to achieve

The vision is to create a national photo-event on an international scale to strengthen the ties between researchers and photographers across the nation and at the same time facilitate the meeting of great minds from Denmark and abroad who can add wider perspectives to discussions on the Photographic.

“[…] in this digital era when nearly anyone can make, alter, upload, and distribute their own imagery nearly instantaneously, billions of photographs and videos are uploaded daily, and hundreds of millions of tweets. How do we make sense of it all? Or can we?”
Fred Ritchin – ICP


Fotobiennalen was founded in 2016

Fotobiennalen was launched in august 2016 and the theme of the initial year was GLOBAL CHALLENGES.

The following speakers made a series of thought provoking presentations at the Symposium 2016:

Mette Sandbye (DK), Fred Ritchin (US), Louise Wolthers (S), Irina Chmyreva (RU), John Fleetwood (ZA), #Dysturb w. Pierre Terdjman & Benjamin Girette (FR), Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz (DK), Rasmus Vestergaard (DK), Jørgen Dehs (DK), Tina Enghoff (DK), Christian Danielewitz (DK), Anu Ramdas (DK), Gideon Mendel (ZA), and Sunil Gupta (IN).

The program from 2016 can be found here.

Keith Cottingham Ice Cave Interior, 2006 digitally constructed 3D model Courtesy the artist and Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York
Mr Malhotras Party, 2007-2012 © Sunil Gupta


is a collaboration across Denmark to celebrate and investigate photography and lens-based media now
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The important advisors

Fotobiennalen is greatful to the advisory board for their invaluable input.
For Fotobiennalen 2018 the advisory board members are:
Christian Skovbjerg Jensen

Christian Skovbjerg Jensen is the Director  of Inter Arts Center (IAC) in Malmö, a platform for artistic research and experimentation established by The Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University in 2010.

Here he is organizing festivals, workshops, seminars and residency programmes and is active in several arts and science networks.

He is also a freelance curator and has curated a wide range of exhibitions and projects, such as Sit down!, TUMULT and 6th Momentum Biennial.

In 2019 he is curating the 2nd edition of the international festival Struer Tracks for sound art in public spaces.

Jenny Nordquist

Director of Landskrona Foto.

Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz

Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz is Director at Astrid Noacks Atelier in Copenhagen, an institution working with development of artistic production and research. The atelier is founded in 2009 and named after the Danish sculptor Astrid Noack (1888-1954). At the core of the institution are artistic collaborations and political and social interventions with the locale milieu.

She is organizing international residency and exhibition programmes, readings, performances, symposia, and workshops.

Præstegaard Schwartz holds a PhD in Art History. She also works as freelance curator and has been writing about contemporary art and photography for several years.

Partners & Institutions


Fotobiennalen 2018 is collaborating with
Portfolio Dialogue,  University of Copenhagen – Department of Arts & Culture,
Genau & Alexis Mark

Founding Institutions

Fotobiennalen was founded in 2016 by three of the leading institutions for photography and lens based art in Denmark

The Museum of Photographic Art was hosted by Brandts for several years (1987 – 2013) and even as photography is now included in the visual arts alongside other media the lens based practices hold a special place in the overall strategy of the museum.
Fotografisk Center is primarily presenting artists from the Nordic countries – and has done so for more than 25 years. The exhibition programme occasionally includes wider international contributions.
Established in 1977 Galleri Image is Denmark’s oldest exhibition space dedicated to photography and through the decades the gallery has developed a strong international network.

Fotobiennalen would like to thank


For general support to Fotobiennalen

2016 – 2018

Knud Højgaards Foundation

For their support to Fotobiennalen’s Symposium

2016 + 2018

The Danish Arts Foundation

For their support to Fotobiennalen’s Symposium and their ongoing support to the Arts



For their support and collaboration at the Visionssalon on photography


The University of Copenhagen – Department of Art & Cultural Studies

For their collaboration with regards to the symposium


Portfolio Dialogue

For their great work with regards to the portfolio reviews


Alexis Mark

For the logo


The Founding Partners & The Advisory Board

For their trust & support



For their guidance and support realising the website



For their collaboration with regards to the Symposium


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